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Engagement Marketing

We provide an innovative way of boosting customer engagement while impressing them with fun, memorable, and rewarding moments.
Everyone loves a giveaway! We’ve just made it more fun .
Exhibition and Trade Shows
Visitors to Trade shows love giveaways and freebies from brands. Our fun & gamified solutions attract more people to your booth to win prizes.
Shopping Malls
our engagement hubs and campaigns in shopping malls are used to boost sales in stores and restaurants.
In-store Experience
Looking to inspire the visitors to your store, reward them with prizes while having fun.

Connecting Brands to Audience.

Events are designed for people to gather and network, our gamification solution make this experience more fun and rewarding, while increasing the brand recall and create lasting impression.
Online Stores
Too many abandoned carts? Engaged users are more profitable, with our gamification tools, users are more likely to buy, return, and share.
Grab audience attention in the places they don't expect, create memorable experience, and earn loyalty.

We take engagement
to the moon .

Fun Moments


Customer Engagement

  • 1. Ideation & campaign Design
    Every brand has a unique story and surely the campaigns are one-of-a-kind. With a glimpse on the objective of the campaign, we at AdsToStick creativity center design and develop unique Interactive campaign that can serve the purposes over the time of campaign and after that as well. Yes, our campaigns can be effective even after when they are accomplished. The videos of interactions of people with the device and the game are valuable material to be shared specially on Social Media.
  • 2. Gamification
    We combine the sharpness of Ads with smoothness of online specific games that are dedicated to serve the brands’ purposes. We take advantage of games’ concepts to increase the effectiveness of our ads in terms of reach and conversion rates. Not only will we use gaming elements such as points, leaderboards, avatars and stories but also using decision making notions, we increase the conversion rates of the targets such as purchases, installation, lead generation and subscription.
  • 3. play
    When the audience see some people are experiencing fun, getting excited and win something, they will get curious about the incidence. So, our playing concept, increase the number of reach and impression by itself. Gameplays are designed and normalized to make sure the timing, hardness and relationship with the brand are take care of. When the audience starts playing, in fact they are already investing on the business in terms of the time and energy they are spending to win the award, which is in many cases, the coupons that are to be converted.
  • 4. Analisys
    We connect digital and virtual worlds. We can indeed measure the number of reach of our campaign in an indoor/outdoor place, while we can manage to see the conversion rates of coupons given away. Our solutions are capable of recording the demographic info of audience and measuring the engagement and conversion rates. We believe in data and we provide our customers with customized analytical reports. Impressions, Brand recall, Dwelling time and Conversion Rates have been shown to grow considerably.

We offer brands a chance to.

Attract Audience
We act as magent in corwd on foot traffic & online environment.
Boost their Engagement
They play on custom branded fun games where we boost brand recall.
Turn them to loyal customers
Upon winning the game, they are rewarded with prize where it can be redeemed at the store.

Benefits of using our gamified platform .

30X More

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