AdsToStick is the engagement agency specialized in gamified campaigns for foot & online traffic. Join us on the amazing journey.
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First-Party Data
We provide First-Party Data on on-ground & online campaigns to our customer, that are voluntarily submitted by your audience & clients. The data is exclusively yours and can be used for re-targetting.
30X more Engagement
Boosting the engagement time from 2 seconds to 58 seconds is our expertise You exactly know how long each player is exposed to your brand and the average engagement time of all players.
Cookieless Technology
Cookies are everywhere, in each & every website to track your activity on website, our solution provide cookieless techonology to give your audience the peace of mind that they don't get tracked.
Fully Customizable
Our solution is customizable based on your requirement for business, brand, product, services, marketing messages and guidelines that are planned to communicate with audience through campaign.
Connecting to any audience, regardless of their language. We remove the communication barrier through game language. Arabic, Chinese, English and all other languages supported.
We adapt to the culture of your audience, giving them the feeling of trust to play, win and convert their prizes to purchase from your brand.